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Peace In Mind

I question a lot in life. The world is filled with lies and deceit. I never know what’s real and what’s not.. so I run. I run to the mind for peace. I run to my mind or isolation. I run to my mind for space….comfort.. And most importantly safety. I sit in my mind prolonging til I have to leave and face reality. It’s terrifying, reality that is, trying to escape which is why I run to my mind. Creativity is what my mind is made for. Imagination run wild. Full of joy and big dreams. But that what makes it dangerous. Filling out heads with lies and deceit too. But it motivates us to face the world. The mind gives you power but it is also powerful.
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One thought on “Peace In Mind

  1. Get a journal and start writing and it really is good at helping you articulate your thoughts and feelings as you write them down. You will also get great ideas too while you do it! Happy journaling.😊

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