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Writing a Book? Help please

I have an idea for a book. How should i start with writing it? Im thinking about putting all my blog post, articles, poems, and quotes into a book

 Is it going to be a waste of time?  

Should I make it a Ebook?

 How would i promote it?

What should i start writing it on?

 Any help??


7 thoughts on “Writing a Book? Help please

  1. Collaborating your blogs and poems in a book seems not worth the time, you can do it for an ebook. You can write a book of poems, or a book of random thoughts.

    Start with writing it down. Have the first draft ready, then go further with proof reading and editing. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m in the same situation. I’ve been planning a book for ages and asking all the same questions. But you can not worry about promoting or publishing a book that does not yet exist, begin with writing – then everything else will follow

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